WALKER, Robert: ‘My Art’

WALKER, Rob Image 1

“I have seen a rapid development in my painting since living full time in Bali, Indonesia.”

“Mark making has always been very important in my work. I like to tell the ‘story’ of how the painting has evolved by purposefully showing remnants of each layer of paint, each surface of washes, and even graphite lines or coloured pencil marks.”

WAKER, Rob Image 2

“The light here in Bali accentuates colour. I see purples and reds and maroons in shadows, and never ending hues of greens and turquoise. The subject matter is all local. People in my work are  ‘at one’ with their environment and merge with the same colours: intrinsic with background or foreground shadows and colours.  It’s important for me to show how Bali life is inseparable to the environment. Above all else my work is joyous and happy, bright and colourful.  I hope it makes people smile.”

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See the full profile of Robert Walker at http://www.notjusthockney.info/walker-robert/

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