Information shown on this website is not used by the curator, Colin Neville, for any commercial purposes. What is shown is freely available to all and is not used for any purpose, other than providing information about Bradford district artists, past and present. The site is funded exclusively by Colin Neville and there is no commercial or other external funding support involved. Artists do not pay to feature on the site.

Biographical profiles of artists can only be written if sufficient reliable information in the public domain, or from interested individuals, is available. Featured living artists are always contacted and asked for their permission at the time of first publishing  to use the images shown and given the opportunity to amend or delete the post in question then, and at any point subsequently.

Sources used for biographical information and/or images

1. Websites


Artist Biographies (British & Irish artists of the 20th century):

ArtBound – promoting local art and artists

BBC ‘Your Paintings’ (now ‘Art UK’):

Horsforth Modern Art:

British Newspaper Archives:

2. Printed Sources

Child, D. (2001). The Yorkshire Union of Artists. Leeds: Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society.

Paulo, D. (1997). The Spirit of Bradford: 18 artists and a City. Aire Valley Arts.

Turnbull, H. (1976) Yorkshire Artists: a short dictionary. Bedale: Thornton Gallery, Snape.

Wood, C. (1986). The Dictionary of  British Artists 1880 – 1940. Antique Collectors Club.

Local history archives at Bradford Central Library and Keighley Library.


Valuable help has also been given by people interested in this project. This help has been greatly appreciated and acknowledged on the pages of the artists concerned.

Can you help?

This site is an ongoing project. If you can offer any more biographical information, or supply images, for any of the artists featured,  or if you know of any artists whose work should be featured, please get in touch (see contact page)


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