STOKER, Kerry J.


Kerry J. Stoker is a professional painter working and experimenting with a variety of media and styles. She uses ready made acrylic, household paint and pure pigment extracted from rock, sometimes crushing pebbles or coal to add as texture, sprinkling Plaster of Paris powder to achieve the quality and finish she requires, or adding found ‘bits’ from in and around her studio or other environments. She also works in watercolour, oils and oil pastel.

She says of her work:

My inspiration comes mainly from the natural world, wild and calm, from interesting still life arrangements and the quiet of unpopulated empty interiors. I enjoy the challenge of producing different styles of art for different purposes keeping my work vibrant and fresh. My use and love of colour, which saturates the canvas or paper, connects the images.

Kerry’s subjects are broad, including abstract forms, landscape, still life, flowers and gardens, and commissions involving interior decoration and art work in keeping with the family personalities or spirit and intention of the chosen room (see artist website below for other examples of her range).

Doyle Family Feast acrylic on canvas 72x48 SOLD (representational)

‘Family Feast’.

Kerry graduated with a Fine Art degree from Reading University, then trained and worked as a teacher in Northern Ireland, becoming Head of Art in a preparatory school. She moved to Ilkley and worked as the art coodinator at Westville House School, Ilkley, before retiring to paint professionally from her studio in the town.


Locally her work has been featured at the Ilkley Art Trail, Saltaire Arts Trail, the Weaverbird Workshop, and Manor House Gallery, Ilkley, and shown on the outdoor Big Screen, Centenary Square, Bradford.

In addition, Kerry’s work has been shown at exhibitions of the Yorkshire Watercolour Society, Society of British Artists, Society of Women Artists in London, and at Art for Youth exhibitions in London, Sheffield and North Yorkshire. She was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Oil Painters exhibition in 2013 and was chosen for the Kunsthuis Gallery Summer Exhibition 2017. Her work was also selected for the La Galleria Pall Mall  Summer Show Exhibition in London in 2018.

STOKER new Love in the Lounge (acrylic on canvas 36x36

‘Love in the Lounge’.

 (All images shown here are used with the permission of the artist.)

Malham Cove

                                                                    Artist’s Website:  Kerry J Stoker

See also Kerry J Stoker’s ‘My Art’

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