STOKER, Kerry J: ‘My Art’

“Painting is my quiet meditation, invaluable for inner peace.”


“Painting makes me happy: it feeds my soul. My work contains the essence of me.”


“I am compelled to create – the joy it brings me is utterly fulfilling.”


“I enjoy the freedom and fun of pouring colour onto canvas or paper and watching how the colours mix and merge sometimes controlling the flow, and out of which beautiful shapes and subtle veils of colour appear. From these random marks I develop the image by scrubbing away layers, adding textural or flat solid colour and re-working other areas until the painting emerges, complete. My thought processes imbue meaning into each painting during its creation; a critical element for success.”

‘Solid as a Rock’.

“Winning awards from an early age for drawing and painting, and for History of Art, I always saw my life stretching ahead working an artist (and always as a mother). However, this is tricky to achieve; living costs money, so after university I, like most, needed to earn a steady income.”

“Whilst teaching I was able to inspire others’ children and give them the confidence to be creative and to show them so much through my own enthusiasm. I was enabling them to be successful and putting my whole self into their artwork. I reached a point where I was becoming frustrated that I didn’t have the time to paint and knew I had to give up teaching and concentrate on becoming the artist I had always intended to be.”

“This opportunity has only come latterly and with my husband’s support, encouragement and a brand new studio I am determined to succeed for myself and for my family and friends who know how much it means to me.”

‘Future Perfect’.

“I was delighted to be invited to take part in a group exhibition at The Manor House, Ilkley in 2018. The exhibition, ‘Seven Artists, One Pebble, Seven Journeys’, encouraged us to consider what we were doing and why. I feel this collaborative venture pushed me hard to question, gave me focus and enabled me to find greater depth of meaning in my work.”

“Ideas are ever present and constantly evolving, teeming through my head, waiting to be expressed. As I progress, and am accepted and invited to exhibit in more exhibitions, locations and galleries nationwide, I am becoming increasingly confident about what I am doing and where I am going and have huge ambition to succeed in the art world.”

“I hope others enjoy and connect with my paintings and that each reveals the sense of fulfilment I have during its creation, and in which I have invested years of practice, experience and emotion.  I am getting there.”

‘The Journey’.

‘Social media often has bad press – but I love the ease with which I am able to find inspiration and potential future opportunities to exhibit. One particular Instagram-er, who makes me smile every day has the most hilarious and positive outlook on life. Summed up his serious advice is:  ‘You have one life, do something with it.’   So I am…”

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