SNAYLAM, Sharon. Photo of artist

Image: Bradford ‘Telegraph & Argus’

Sharon Snaylam is a professional artist and art teacher, who has taught art and design across all age groups for over 20 years, including as Artist in Residence at the Saltaire Primary School and Hirst Wood Regeneration Group, and a tutor with the Young Masters Visual Art School.

Sharon’s own art work is in mixed media, which includes paper products, clay, found objects, printing techniques, and paint and inks.  Her recent work has been in the form of her visual and written response to the landscape, which has been an exploration of:

… memories of my experiences walking along pathways in the landscape, relating these to personal events in my life. The pathways are symbolic of my life and my personal journey, which vary from different perspectives, distances and viewpoints.

SNAYLAM, Sharon. Landscape 1

Image: see artist’s website, below

Sharon’s landscapes have been shown locally at the South Square Art Centre, Thornton, and Court House Theatre/Gallery, Otley.  Her solo show, ‘Tirlun: Picture of the Land’ exhibition is scheduled for June-July 2017 at Bradford Cathedral, ‘Artspace’.

SNAYLAM, Sharon. Landscape 2

Image: see artist’s website, below.


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