SMITH, Lucia: ‘My Art’

Lucia Smith : My Art

“Creating pictures has always been important to me; wherever I have lived I have taken my easel and made time for it. Over the years I have responded to the challenges of grey skies in Yorkshire, big skies in the low undulating landscape of Staffordshire, city skylines in the Midlands, and dazzling colours around Australia.”

“Launching myself into an art career in the 1980’s, I attended many short courses to learn about different techniques (watercolour landscape, oil painting, soft pastel portraiture, even Chinese watercolour); but in the main have avoided long courses in order to retain my own approach. The best teachers have been time, practice and experience. My long suffering family know that my sketch book and camera accompany us everywhere!”

Lucia Smith. HIGH DALES SAMBA (computer use)

‘High Dales Samba’

“I was delighted to move back to Wharfedale in the 1990’s, finding a new home and space to paint in the Yorkshire Dales valley where I grew up, and with the same easel. But maybe not with the same eyes…….”

“My work now responds to all those previous landscapes – adding colour to the Yorkshire scenes and drama to the skies. Mixing the immediacy of pastel colours with under-painted layers of gentle watercolour, or the bold vibrancy of acrylic gives me the best of all these media, and most of my current works start with an under-painted, then primed, surface. The soft pastel then adds its wonderful qualities: a beautiful flow, an intensity of colour, and on a primed, gritty surface it is a fabulous medium to manipulate, allowing me to slowly build the composition balance, persuading the light and movement to sing.”


‘Space to Pirouette’ (Coverdale).

“I work hard to create compositions based on reality, with careful, accurate drawing so that each picture still belongs to a certain place. I then add the uplifting colour of a soft pastel palette, limiting the colour range to convey emotion and mood. This allows my work to move into a more abstract direction as I find tempting patterns offered by the land and the sky, and combine them to maximise their power.”

“My aim is to simplify these gorgeous Dales to their essence: contours, patterns, wind and rain, clouds and bits of blue, heather, scree, boulders and expanse; each picture offering a celebration of being in this space.”


‘Early Evening Choreography’

“I hope to offer views which are full of movement and drama; scenes to be watched.”

 Limited edition Prints:

“Certain pieces are also available as framed limited prints, some also on box canvas : it is exciting to take the images created in pastel from behind their protective glass. ”


“Most of my exhibitions have been in Yorkshire: Harrogate, Leeds, and the Yorkshire Dales; it is here that I feel my work creates a vibration and is best recognised. I have also offered workshops at Art Shows, Art Clubs and City Galleries, and periodically teach privately at home.”


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