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PRESTON, Nancy. Photo of artist

Image: Lucerna:

Nancy Hammond Preston (1873-1950) was the grand-daughter of artist, John Preston; she was also known as ‘Nannie’ Preston. The 1891 Census records her as living in the family home at Littlebeck Hall, Gilstead, and her profession as  ‘Artist, Landscape & Figure’.

She was an illustrator, best known for her original artwork used to create sets of ‘magic lantern’ slides by the Riley Brothers of Bradford, who were a major supplier of magic lantern equipment and slides at this time.  The illustrations, produced by her between 1891-1911, were designed and used primarily for religious education purposes at church and other public meetings.

PRESTON, Nancy. Riley Brothers advert

Riley Brothers advertisement. Image: HSTM Museum, University of Leeds.

Nancy’s illustrations included illustration sets for ‘Ben Hur’, ‘Sermons on Pilgrims Progress’, and ‘The Life of Moses’.

PRESTON, Nancy Pilgrim's Progress

Slide from ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ set. Image: Bill Douglas Cinema Museum

She also illustrated ‘The House of the Sleeping Winds and Other Stories Some Based on Cornish Folklore’, originally published in 1911 and recently re-issued.

PRESTON, Nancy. Book illustration

She married Edwin Rosevear in 1914 and was afterwards known as Nannie Rosevear. She moved to Harrogate and in the final years of her life to Leamington Spa.

Some of her original paintings for slides (reputedly including the 60+ Pilgrim’s Progress set) went down with the Titanic in 1912, en route to an American publisher.

PRESTON, Nancy. Pilgrims Progress

From the Pilgrim’s Progress set of illustrations. Image: Bill Douglas Cinema Museum


From Pilgrim’s Progress set of slides. Image: Lucerna Magic Lantern Resource


Source:  Lucerna Magic Lantern Resource



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