ALLSEBROOK, Janet: ‘My Art’

“I produce printmaking, artist books, construction, photography and paint depending on the relevance of those media. I also combine a matrix of interchangeable but specific data, which may contain archival material, images and text. Underpinning my work are ideas about life, death, decay and belief.”

“As an example, in 2016 I Installed an exhibition and delivered an artist talk, at The Leeds Library.”

Janet Allsebrook big audience 1

“The library was begun in 1768 and contains a wealth of unique information. My subject was enlightenment: what it meant in the eighteenth century and some of the results, good and bad. The exhibition and talk about the exhibition described a kind of journey into the archives and showed work inspired by the stopping points on the journey. My journey went first to trade, secondly to slavery and the transport of slaves, thirdly to the plant hunters and collectors and finally to some methods of recording and cataloguing.”

Janet Allsebrook. Leaves

“I made an installation of twenty printed sacks, printed with the names of trading and slave ships, which hung from the reading room balcony; twenty illuminated boxes of imported goods, like cotton, coffee, tea and spices, which were secreted in the book shelves; fourteen large “nature printed” plant compositions, which were attached to the balcony face; and a display of books, photographs and seed planters, representing the trades and activities of entrepreneurs of the !8th century.”

Janet Allesebrook, wreath


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