MIDDLETON, Ian: ‘My Art’

Broken Boats 001

‘Broken Boats’. Image: see artist’s website.

“I have painted prolifically in the past but the last ten years or so has seen me develop what I believe is a unique style. I have a number of friends in the art world both home and abroad and there seems to be a growing consensus to call my style ‘Rubistic Expressionism’. Difficult to really define but at the age of 71, I feel as if I’ve finally got my own ‘Glen Miller Sound’ so as to speak.”

“My painting called ‘Yorkshire’ probably summarises what I am about today (see below). It is an audacious attempt to pin 140 icons of our beloved county onto one canvas without it looking like a gigantic montage postcard. It took me 2 years to complete and has received excellent press support. We have a limited edition print authorisation of 950 and are well on the way to emptying the vaults! The Rubistic term combines the puzzle element, the bold colour, the squares and lines in abstract form and the Expressionism really speaks for itself but there usually is some kind of narrative included.”

MIDDLETON, Ian. Yorkshire.

‘Yorkshire’. Image: see artist’s website.

“I do have quite different views to many of my art colleagues in that I believe artists should share ideas and techniques whenever they can. I have always tried in recent years to have a student in my studio one day a week. The students have varied in ages from 19 to 72 but all have a desire to learn how to paint in oils. I spend a couple of hours instructing and the rest of the day painting with them at different easels. I do not charge and they get a free lunch to boot! A few people think I’m crazy but I can tell you that the satisfaction I get and the stimulation along with new ideas which seem to come back at me as I’m working it, are second to none.”


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