McEWAN, Jean: ‘My Art’

“As an artist I make things (such as collages, self-published books and pamphlets, short films) and I work with people.”

Jean McEwan altered postcard

“When I’m making things,  I’m drawn to working with found images and objects, and the idea of making a new story with them. I like using things that are  ephemeral and everyday, putting unexpected things together. I think of art as playing and discovering. Sometimes this play comes out in humour and mischief, and other times it’s darker and more disturbing. I never really know which till I am finished. Put really simply,  making art is my way of trying to deal with my place in this messy, difficult, joyous, confusing, beautiful world.”

Jean McEwan. nice here cop21

“Working with other people is as equally important in my artist life as making things. Before I retrained as an artist in my early 30s I was a community worker, and I strongly believe art can play a powerful role in bringing people together to imagine and create a better world.”

Jean McEwan. nice here- tv collage

“In 2015 I founded a project called ‘Wur Bradford’ (“Wur in Scots slang means ‘our’ and ‘we are’) which is based in a stall in the city’s Kirkgate Market. Wur Bradford is an art and social space open to all  which explores connections between creativity, community and change, through creative  events, activities and workshops. More about the project and the things we have been doing here ”

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