MASON, Janie

Janie Mason is a artist/sculptor and tattooist who works  at her studio – the Ink Emporium – at Clayton.   She was born in Falkirk and from the age of four grew up on the Isle of Bute, Scotland, but has lived in Yorkshire for 22 years, including 11 years in the Bradford District.

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Both her parents were silversmith/designers.  However, their freelance life style initially put her off pursuing an art career of her own.  In an interview with the magazine, ‘Skin Deep’, January, 2017, she said:

I grew up craving a steady job because I knew how hard it is to make a living from arts and crafts. It was only after a succession of mainstream jobs, and both my parents passing away, that I gave the ‘living for your art’ thing a proper whirl.  I got an apprenticeship tattooing in Bradford then moved on to working on my own. I started sculpting after a conversation with a client who was a sculptor.

Self-taught as a sculpture, her current works are in terracotta or a Raku body, or shaped in Plastiline modelling compound, before being cast in bronze resin. The clay sculpts are fired then painted in oxides then buffed with wax.

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Her work has been exhibited at the Calder Gallery in Hebden Bridge and at the 2017 Holmfirth Art Week and sold at the Made in Stirling gallery in Stirling, Scotland.

Image: see artist’s contact, below.

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