KIDD, Jess

KIDD, Jess. Photo of artist

Jess Kidd was born in Harrogate, but spent her early and formative years in the Burley and Keighley areas of the district.

Jess is a mixed-media portrait artist with a particular interest and specialism in dog portraiture.  She produces a range of canine images, including original work commissioned by dog owners.  She has written:

As a young child I had difficulty talking. I would rather be under a table pretending to be a dog, but my patient mum filled my life with creative things to do. As I grew into an awkward teenager I learnt how I could use art to express myself, and during my degree at Central Saint Martins, I explored language theory.

I have huge respect for Art Therapy and after several years working in education, it was therapy that brought me back to my art recently where again I used it as a tool, but this time for rehabilitation after suffering the isolating effects of Tuberculosis.


KIDD, Jess Maisy.jpg watermarked

‘Maisy’. Image: see artist’s website, below.

Jess graduated in 2008 from Central Saint Martins Art College, London, with a degree in 4D fine art.  In addition to developing her own art work, she worked for Bradford Council, in Keighley, as a Special Needs Teaching Assistant.

KIDD, Jess Puppy_Asleep_5

‘Puppy asleep’. Image: Image: see artist’s website, below.

Her work has been exhibited at the Cuerden Valley Fair, British Craft Trade Fair and at the Ilkley Art Trail.

KIDD, Jess. Tinda.jpg watermarked

‘Tinda’. Image: see artist’s website, below.

 Artist’s websiteJess Kidd Art

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