JAQUIERY, Ken. Photo of artist

Sculptural ceramic artist, Ken Jaquiery, is based in Ilkley and specialises in making large sculptural pots, often inspired by nature and the world around him.  He has written:

 I enjoy the therapeutic process of coiling and the fact that using clay as a medium you can make a piece to any size and shape, the only limitation is working out how. I think the nice thing about 3D work, as opposed to 2D, is that as you move around a sculpture and with the changing light, the appearance of the piece continually changes. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to see one of my sculptures go into someone’s home or garden and enhance the environment in which they live.


JAQUIERY, Ken. Sculptural Pot

Chalice shaped pot. Image: see artist’s website, below.

Ken completed a Diploma Course in Art and Design at the Harrogate College and his work has been inspired by the  designs and techniques of sculptors Monica Young and Sarah Smith; it was Sarah, for example, who introduced him to using clay as a medium for sculpture on an ‘Introduction to Sculpture course’ at the Malham Tarn Field Centre.

JAQUIERY, Ken. Pot 2

Image: see artist’s website, below.

Ken is a Member of the Northern Potters Association and his work has been exhibited regionally and nationally, including at the North Yorkshire Open Studios, Ilkley Arts Trail, York Art Gallery, and the garden gallery of Sussex Prairies.

JAQUIERY, Ken bluepot

Blue Pot. Image: see artist’s website, below.


Artist’s websiteKen Jaquiery

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