HUSTLER, Glen. Photo of artist

Glenn Hustler in the Sunbridge Road retail outlet. Photograph by John Cade.

Born in in the Woodside area of  Bradford, Glen Hustler is a graphic illustrator now working from a studio at the Delius Arts Centre, Great Horton Road.

He studied art at foundation level at Bradford School of Art before moving to Sunderland to study Illustration at the University of Sunderland.  Glenn graduated with an honours degree in 2009 and returned to his home city. He has written about this post-graduate period:

… there was this lad from Bradford called Glenn Hustler who went off to study arty bollocks at uni. The experience made him feel like there was no way to make a living out of doodling, unless he was willing to do stuff to make things like banks in London look good and shit like that.  He wasn’t willing to do it. So he fucking gave up, didn’t he. He just carried on working in pubs and stuff, only occasionally picking up pencils for his own amusement. He sometimes did drawings as well (All of it destined for the bin). If anybody asked him what he did for a living, he’d say that he worked in bars.

However, whilst working at The Delius Bar in Great Horton he found opportunities to use his art skills:

… Chalk boards, gig posters, food menus, staff shirts and murals on the walls all materialised during the Delius years (2012-2016). A unique personal style developed in the work, He branched out and started doing his own drawings again, producing art and merchandise for stalls and fairs in the city.


HUSTLER, Glenn. Barshirt

Design for a staff shirt at ‘The Delius’, Bradford. Image: see artist’s website.

Glenn’s own freelance illustrations now include original prints, plus designs for a range of items, including bags, tee shirts, badges, stickers and posters.  He designed and sold his, and other artists’ work, for a while in 2016/17 at the newly opened Sunbridge Road Tunnels in Bradford and now has his own website, where work is displayed and sold; see link below.

HUSTLER, Glenn. buy-nowt-day-small-quickview

Design for ‘Buy Now’t Day’. Image: see artist’s website, below.

He was commissioned by the independent Drunken Film Festival, and has murals on display in the Bradford Brewery and at the Underground live music venue on Duke Street. Glenn also designed a record cover for ‘Tough Crowd’, a local music group, and designed a T-shirt design for a singer/songwriter, Courtney Barnett, director of ‘Milk! Records’  in Australia (see below).

HUSTLER, Glen. T shirt

‘Robot’. Design for Courtney Barnett. Image: see artist’s website.

He has also designed front covers in 2016 and 2017 respectively for the Harrogate and Bradford Review arts magazines.

Artist’s website:

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