Nancy Haslam-Chance, illustrator/artist, was born in Bradford and raised in the Undercliffe area of the city.

She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2014 with a first class BA(Hons) degree in Communication Design, specialising in Illustration and later studied 2016/17 for a MA in drawing at the Royal Drawing School in London.

After graduation, in addition to pursuing her own work, she became a volunteer with Project Ability, helping people with disabilities develop their creative talents.

HASLAM CHANCE, Nancy. From Theoretical Playgrounds artist website

From the artist’s ‘Theoretical Playgrounds’ sketchbooks; image: see artist’s website, below.

Although the artist now lives in London, the Bradford district, and other post-industrial areas of the country, exert an influence on her work, leading to the South Square Arts Centre, Thornton,  selecting Nancy for a Joan Day Painting Bursary. This enabled her to explore Bradford’s post-industrial landscape, including Undercliffe Cemetery and Lister Mills, and culminating in a solo exhibition of  paintings and drawings, ‘A Dirty City’,  at the South Square Gallery, September 2017.

Interviewed by the Bradford ‘Telegraph & Argus’ newspaper about the exhibition Nancy said:

It is something I always do in my work, I keep coming back to Bradford … It is about the cityscape, the mills and chimneys, and a lot of derelict buildings. A lot of the images are taking these uninhabitable ruins and turning them into imaginary worlds. It is imagining what these buildings could be.

HASLAM-CHANCE, Nancy. Mill ponds

From the artist’s ‘Mill Ponds’ drawings. Image: see artist’s website, below.

Nancy’s work was also exhibited in 2016 at the Mercer Chance Gallery in London, as part of an ‘Emerging Artists’ display of new work.  A range of her past and current work, plus a blog, can be found on the artist’s website, see below.

HASLAM-CHANCE, Nancy. Industrial Images 1

From artist’s ‘Landscapes of Industrial Decline’ drawings; image: see artist’s website, below.

 Artist’s website and blog: Nancy Haslam-Chance

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