HAMMOND, Jules. Photo of artist

Jules Hammond is a Bingley-based painter, illustrator, and interior design consultant.

Working to his own interests, or with commissioned projects, Jules uses a variety of art media, including acrylic and oils, mixed media, and pencil illustration. His subject range is wide, including urban and landscape scenes, abstracts, still life, nature, and commissioned illustrations for publication.

HAMMOND, Jules. River Man

‘River Man’. Commissioned work. Image: Jules Hammond; see artist’s website, below.

He was born in Sheffield in 1967 and studied BA Art and History at York University. On graduation he worked in engineering, as a professional musician, and as a teacher, whilst developing a parallel career as a largely self-taught professional painter.

He has received awards for pencil drawings of aviation and automobile subjects, which have been published in journals, including Germany’s ‘Flugrevue’, ’Deutsche Luftwacht’,  and the Swedish aviation magazine ’Svenska Flyghistorisk Tidskrift’.

HAMMOND, Jules. LNER Class A4 Union of SA

LNER Class A4 locomotive, Union of South Africa. Image: Jules Hammond; see artist’s website, below.

Jules has exhibited his work across the UK and it can be found in private collections in Britain and overseas.  He displays and sells his work on his own website, see below, and it is also featured on the A2Arts collection.  His work can also be viewed at YouTube.

HAMMOND, Jules Westminster Twilight.

Westminster Twilight. Image: Jules Hammond; see artist’s website, below.


Artists website: Jules Hammond

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