GILROY, Gillian

GILROY, Gillian. Photo 2

The Ilkley born and based artist, Gillian Gilroy, gained a degree in Art and Design from Bradford College, School of Art, with a specialism in painting and printmaking.  In recent years, she has concentrated on the technique of continuous line drawing, using pen and ink. She has written:

I love the simplicity of line drawing and it’s ability to engage the viewer with its uninterrupted, free flowing and multi-layered contours, the fact that there is an implicit risk that each piece could unravel at any moment….it seems to capture the very fragility of some of my subjects and yet also pose questions of those that are seemingly permanent and solid. Each work of course, has it’s origin in that first contact between pen and paper; that contact is not lost until the final work is complete. As a consequence,each piece is unique.


Image: see artist’s Facebook page, below

In addition to her own art work, Gillian works part-time in a local primary school helping to develop the creativity of the children, and contributed to community arts projects, including ‘Sponge Tree’, with its focus on encouraging creativity among children and adults, often through sensory and nature related activities. Gillian has trained as a practitioner in ‘Drawing and Talking’, a therapeutic technique that facilitates a child to express concerns facing them through their artwork.

Gillian has also been actively involved with the Ilkley Arts Trail since it started and has been a regular exhibitor with them. Her subject range is broad, including animals, landscape, particularly around her Ilkley home, life drawing, and architectural subjects.

The Grove, Ilkley. Image: see artist’s Facebook page, below.

Her work has also been shown at the Manor House, Ilkley, and at the Bradford Open at Cartwright Hall. Gillian was also commissioned by a local pub and restaurant, Ilkley Moor Vaults,  for both external decoration (see image, below) and menu design work.

GILROY, Gillian. Ilkley Moor Vaults

Artist Contact:  See Facebook

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