EDWARDS, Dudley: ‘My Art’


‘Enterprise’. Image: by courtesy of the artist.

“Like many of my contemporaries my paintings are not concerned with the illusion of depth.  Instead, I remain true to the flat surface – there is very little movement ‘in and out’ –  all motion is lateral ‘around’ the canvas. The role that the subject matter or content plays in my work can vary from painting to painting. The symbolic pieces can reference complex narratives. At other times the only purpose the subject has, is as a catalyst to hang the colours and shapes on, and therefore on those occasions the painting could just as easily be a bowl of fruit, or an abstract. For the symbolic paintings, I wish to communicate to as wider audience as possible, so the metaphors, myths and allegories I employ tend to be universal, not personal.”


‘Jack shuffles two decks’. Image: by courtesy of the artist.

“My work is concerned primarily with UNITY. All material things are held together by the cohesive attraction of one electron for another, and this attractive force exists on all levels of creation from gravity to love. Man’s own creative powers can be seen as a version (or re-version) of that impulse expressed in the first act of creation and as that act was one of dissection/severance, ‘and he separated light from darkness’ (Genesis 1).”

“In effect – ‘The Big Bang’ – from the ONE issued the many (this myth is common to all religions). I believe it behoves the resulting parts (namely ourselves) to make our creative act one of reintegration. To make the disparate parts into a cohesive whole by reconciling the opposites: intellect and intuition, head and heart, an alchemists marriage of male and female. With this unification of the male and female principles, I attempt to create an indivisible wholeness with contrasting elements (a kind of complex yin and yang) dark/light, curvilinear/rectilinear, hot/cold etc.”


‘Still’. Image: by courtesy of the artist.

“My main influences (apart from the writings of Meher Baba) are the artists who were in Paris at the beginning of the 1900s, i.e. The Spaniard Picasso, The Romanian Brancusi, The Italian Modigliani and the French Matisse, Degas, Manet, Seurat and Bonnard.”

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