Tony Dexter. Image: Ilkley Gazette

Tony Dexter is a Wharfedale artist. Originally trained in fine art, specifically sculpture (Dip. AD) in the 1960s  at Birmingham College of Art, he undertook a commercial career, but since retirement has taken up painting full time. (Although never painted before).

Filey Coble. Image: see artist’s website, below.

He started to exhibit his work at a local art show and later shows have included: the Great North Art Show (Ripon); Art in the Pen (Skipton) for 4 years running;  The Art Shop Gallery, Ilkley; Stephen Joseph Theatre Gallery, Scarborough; a Filey Gallery, and at other events as well as marketing his artwork online.

He works  in acrylic on canvas and his pictures are inspired by a range of subjects: from Filey Coble boats to Whitby and Mull Trawlers; from fish to rocks and rock pools; to crabs and trees and many things wood.

Misty Winter Wood. Image: see artist’s website, below.

He says of his work:

While my subjects are varied, my paintings are bold and contemporary and often portray the differences between tranquillity and mobility. I’m also interested in looking at a subject from another perspective or angle, so rather than create a photographic image, I like to encourage the audience to have some emotional attraction and involvement.  All my work is unique, original, signed and titled.


Fell Top. Image: see artist’s website, below.


His website illustrates all his current work and includes regular updates and articles.





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