CROSBY, Sharon

Sharon Crosby   is a mixed-media artist, based in Ilkley, who uses a range of media, including traditional watercolour painting and drawing, polyblock and other printing techniques, and fabric artworks involving watercolour/dyes and embroidery.

Image: see artist’s website, below

Sharon studied painting and printmaking at Chelsea School of Art for her first degree, then continued her studies to Masters Degree (MA) in printmaking at Wimbledon School of art.  She later gained a PGCE at Leeds University and taught art at a secondary school in Leeds.

Image: see artist’s website, below

Her own artwork is influenced by the Yorkshire landscapes and by seascapes, particularly in Yorkshire and on the north coast of Scotland.

Sharon’s recent work has been displayed and sold at the Weaverbird Gallery, Clarke Foley Centre, and Ilkley Art Club,  Ilkley, and at the Woodend Gallery, Scarborough.  She is currently the Programme Secretary for Ilkley Art Club.

Artist’s website:  Sharon Crosby


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