Criteria for inclusion on the website

There is no fee or charge for inclusion on this site.

The website can include professional artists who satisfy the following conditions:

(a) Born in the area known today as the Bradford Metropolitan District (BMD), which includes all the towns and villages within this catchment, e.g. those who pay council tax to Bradford MDC.


(b) Born elsewhere, but had, or has had, residency in the district, for 5 years or more, and currently has strong working links with the district, e.g. exhibits locally. (Exceptions can be made to ‘5 year’ rule if it is clear that the artist intends to settle in the district, e.g. retired into the area; or moved here with family).

And (as regards living artists)

 (1) Is clearly a professional artist working full or part-time in one or more of the visual or 3D arts, including painting, print-making, art or social/documentary still photography, graphic design, sculpture, designer book-binding, ceramics, precious metals, textile, glass art, wood arts, including woodcuts and/or engraving, or other forms of engraving, e.g. linocuts.

‘Professional artist’ is defined as one who engages regularly in creative activity as a visual and applied artist, paid or unpaid for their artistic output (thus applicable to those ‘retired’ from income generation through their art), and who attempts to publicly communicate their commitment to art with others, e.g. through their own dedicated website (not just Facebook), and/or blog (e.g. not just Facebook), and/or via active membership of arts related organisations.  Exceptions to the dedicated website criteria will be made for local artists who have been professionally active for 10 or more years and who are recognised as professional artists by their peers.

And …

… where there is evidence that the artist:

(2) Has achieved recognition for his/her work, by way of one or more of the following:

  • Solo exhibitions organised by prestigious arts, commercial or public sector organisations and/or institutions.
  • Group exhibitions organised by prestigious arts organisations or commercial galleries, e.g. local art trails; open exhibitions at public art galleries.
  • Other public exhibition or display of work, e.g. purchased work found in reception or other areas of commercial premises.
  • Artist-in-Residence or Visiting Artist contracts
  • Evidence of teaching art or related subjects, full or part-time, within schools, further education, adult/community education, or higher education institutions; or using own art as a teaching resource in one or more of these educational establishments.
  • Work featured in a book (not self published), or in an article in a reputable magazine, newspaper or online site.
  • Winning entries in competitions organised by national or prestigious regional organisations
  • Art work commissioned by public or voluntary sector organisations.

Academic qualifications in art are not essential, providing the criteria above is met.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to be included on the site, or know of artists, deceased or living, who should be included, please contact Colin Neville via ‘Contact’ link above.

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