Bradford City FC stadium. Image: see artist’s website.

The Bradford artist, Amy Charlesworth, works primarily in oils on canvas and her subject range is wide, including landscapes, architecture, wildlife, botanical, portrait and life studies, and industrial machinery.  In respect of the latter subject, in 2012 Amy had a solo exhibition of her work at Bradford Industrial Museum and wrote:

‘Whilst I cover most subject matter I have a particular fondness for industrial and machine images, partly due to my family history. Caledonia Pattern Works was established in 1860 in Bradford by my Great Great Grandfather Joseph Horrocks, and was succeeded by a further three generations;  Great Grandfather,  Grandfather and Uncle.  Maybe machines are in the blood. Other reasons lie in their structure, the straight lines, crisp curves and colour pallet. There is definition and solidity to them which I greatly admire and appreciate and which works well with my style of painting.’


Image: Amy Charlesworth: from Bradford Industrial Museum exhibition

Amy studied and gained a BA Fine Art degree from Leeds Metropolitan University and has exhibited her work widely across the region. She is a long-standing member and exhibitor of the Aire Valley Arts group and her work is featured regularly at The Bingley Gallery, as well as the Art in the Mill Gallery, Knaresborough.

Cetti’s Warbler. Image: see artist’s website, below.


Artist’s WebsiteAmy Charlesworth


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