MIDDLETON, Ian: ‘My Art’

MIDDLETON, Ian. Yorkshire.

“I have painted prolifically in the past but the last ten years or so has seen me develop what I believe is a unique style. I have a number of friends in the art world both home and abroad and there seems to be a growing consensus to call my …

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WALKER, Robert: ‘My Art’

WAKER, Rob Image 2

“I have seen a rapid development in my painting since living full time in Bali, Indonesia.” “Mark making has always been very important in my work. I like to tell the ‘story’ of how the painting has evolved by purposefully showing remnants of each layer of paint, each surface of …

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HARRISON, Linda: ‘My Art’

Linda Harrison. Image 3

“I am a colourist, using soft pastel and oil paint, both traditionally and experimentally, on handmade papers, prepared or textured card, canvas or fabric.” “I enjoy the direct application of the media, the response to the surfaces they connect with, and their amazing qualities of colour, immediacy and malleability.” “Important …

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BURHAN, Shy: ‘My Art’

Shy Burhan. T&A

I am a professional photographer and founder of Shy B Photography. Shipley based, and Bradford born and bred, I’m  passionate about my home town and my work has culminated in several celebrated exhibitions that have promoted Bradford based projects/partnerships. I also present a show on BCB Radio called ‘Snapshot With Shy’ – related to …

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HIBBERT, Sonje: ‘My Art’

Sonje Hibbert, landscape

‘I’m a self-confessed workaholic and creative connoisseur my artistic oeuvre spans nearly three decades, in effect the narrative of my life’s tumultuous trajectory so far. Extensive travel abroad and a passion for wild emotive landscapes, such as the South West and West Yorkshire wind-swept moors, has led to a much needed anchor on …

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MIERINS, Laimonis: ‘My Art’

Turners Birds 005

In 2005, the abstract painter, Laimonis Mierins, had a retrospective exhibition of his work at the Riga Gallery, Latvia, his home country.   A catalogue was work was published, and in this Laimonis was interviewed by the art critic and writer, John Sheeran.   Laimonis spoke about the influences on his art. ” …

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Al-SAMARRAIE, Jacky: ‘My Art’


“My work to date is mostly focused on the British landscape, both rural and urban. I love creating a simplified representation of the landscape using silhouettes of trees on a skyline, then I add blocks of vibrant colour to bring it to life. Since creating my first landscape design in …

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EDWARDS, Dudley: ‘My Art’


“Like many of my contemporaries my paintings are not concerned with the illusion of depth.  Instead, I remain true to the flat surface – there is very little movement ‘in and out’ –  all motion is lateral ‘around’ the canvas. The role that the subject matter or content plays in my work …

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BEVAN, Tony: ‘My Art’


On Sunday 16th October 2016, at Cartwright Hall, Bradford, the Royal Academician and Bradford-born artist, Tony Bevan, spoke about his early motivation to become a painter.  This was part of a major retrospective exhibition of Bevan’s work at the gallery between 2016-17. ” I grew up with painting and sculpture around …

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THOMPSON, Geraldine: ‘My Art’

12 Geraldine Thompson, My Art,  Beamsley Beacon P1060398 (2)

Geraldine Thompson: My Art Portraits For me the execution of a portrait is not self-contained, nor is it just about the technical. In portraiture, my aim is to depict a likeness, a character, a presence. This is an ability I have developed over years of life drawing.  It is a demanding process, in …

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