‘Gordale Scar’

WARD, Bradford. painting1.JPG.gallery

‘Gordale Scar’, by James Ward (1769-1859), in the permanent collection of Bradford Museums and Galleries, was painted around 1813 and is a smaller version by Ward of the same oil painting exhibited today in the Tate Gallery, London.  The Tate painting is enormous: 14 by 12 feet, whereas this version …

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‘The Marriage’

The Marriage

In 2011 Cartwright Hall joined 30 museums and galleries in the region to launch an online project called ‘Yorkshire’s Favourite Paintings’. A website, funded by the Yorkshire Regional Museums Hub, was created containing 100 of the region’s best-loved paintings, as chosen by the public, with opportunities for leaving comments on the …

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‘Come to Me’


The lithograph print, measuring 88.5 x 59 cm, ‘Come to Me’, by Paula Rego, is in the Print Room at Cartwright Hall. It is one a number of signed limited prints, purchased by Bradford Museums and Galleries, and is one of a set of prints by Rego in their permanent collection.  …

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Brook, Peter; Staithes; Bradford Museums and Galleries; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/staithes-23634

The artist, Peter Brook (1927- 2009), is usually associated with his oil paintings of Pennine landscape and architecture.  But, his oil painting, ‘Staithes’, in the permanent collection of Bradford Museums and Galleries, and displayed at Cliffe Castle, Keighley, is an exception to this. It catches the lop-sided jumble of buildings in …

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‘The Road Across the Wolds’

Road Across the Wolds

When David Hockney’s Yorkshire landscape paintings were first shown at the Royal Academy in 2012, they attracted mixed reviews. The art critic of The Economist admired some of the works, but wrote, “Others, I would argue, would not be celebrated at all if they were not by Mr Hockney, such …

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‘Mrs Isaac Kirby’ by Branwell Bronte

Bronte, Patrick Branwell; Mrs Isaac Kirby; Bronte Parsonage Museum; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/mrs-isaac-kirby-20987

  In 1839 [Patrick] Branwell Bronte, brother to the three Bronte sisters, wrote to his friend and fellow artist in Bradford, John Hunter Thompson: Mrs Kirby’s name is an eyesore to me – what does the Woman mean? – How can I come paddling to Bradford with my wallet on my back …

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Budd, Herbert Ashwin; Lavender; Bradford Museums and Galleries; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/lavender-23448

The oil painting, ‘Lavender’, painted by the Staffordshire-born artist, Herbert Ashwin Budd, (1881-1950) is in the permanent collection of Bradford Museums and Galleries and can usually be found on the gallery at Cliffe Castle Museum and Gallery at Keighley. It was exhibited by the artist in 1936 and purchased by …

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‘Tell Your Fortune, Lady.’

Knight, Laura; Tell Your Fortune, Lady; Bradford Museums and Galleries; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/tell-your-fortune-lady-22974

The oil painting, titled ‘Tell Your Fortune, Lady’, (above) was one of a series of paintings of gypsies at Epsom and Ascot race courses by the artist, Dame Laura Knight (1871 – 1970),  created over a ten year period in the 1930s. The Artist Laura grew up in Nottingham where her strong-minded mother gave …

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Self-Portrait of William Shackleton

(c) Bradford Museums and Galleries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

  The self-portrait of local artist, William Shackleton, 54 x 40 cm in size, is part of the Bradford Museums and Galleries permanent collection. William Shackleton was the son of a prosperous Bradford paper manufacturer and merchant. He was educated at the local Grammar School, studied art at Bradford Technical …

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‘The Emigrant Ship’


‘The Emigrant Ship’, was painted in the 1880s by the Yorkshire artist, Charles Joseph Staniland, and is part of the permanent collection of Bradford Museums and Galleries, and is usually on display at Cartwright Hall, Bradford. It is an oil painting on canvas, measuring 104 x 176 cm, and is popular …

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