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Street and documentary photographer and film-maker,  John Cade, was raised in the Holmewood area of  Bradford and many of his photographs now document life in and around the city.

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The local newspaper, the Bradford Telegraph & Argus featured his work in March 2017. He told them:

 I remember my family had a lot of old black and white photography up in the house – pictures of movie stars and musicians mainly – and I used to love looking through old photo albums of my family in the 60s and 70s from before I was born.

Initially, after leaving school he studied performance arts, but realized that film-making offered him more opportunities to develop his interests and talents. He studied at The Northern Film School, Leeds Beckett University, graduating in 2006 with a first class honours in Film and Moving Image Production.

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Since graduation he has worked as a freelance film-maker, director and editor, but has taken a parallel career path into social and documentary photography:

There so much going on culturally on Bradford’s streets that you don’t see anywhere else. Where else can you see a woman shopping in traditional Muslim clothing walking alongside a man dressed as a cowboy? It is a city of contradiction and contradictions are great for photography as they help tell a story and raise questions. There’s a fascinating contrast going on between the old and the new, the successful and the poor.


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John’s work has been shown as part of a Bradford Photographic Society exhibition at Shipley library, and is publicly displayed in commercial premises in Bradford. His work is also sold from his website, see below.

I think once you’ve opened up that part of your brain and you’re looking at things that way it almost becomes second nature. I might be halfway through a conversation with someone and I’ll notice something that might make an interesting image so I’ve got my ears on one thing and my eyes on another …[photography] has a way of transforming every day scenes into something dramatic. It has a timeless quality.


 Artist’s Website:

(With thanks to John Cade for permission to use the photographs shown here; for other examples of his work visit the artist’s website; see above.)

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