BOWDEN, George G.

BOWDEN, George. Photo of artist

G. George Bowden is a painter based in Haworth, and sells his art work, along with other art gift items, at ‘Wuthering Arts’, a small shop on Haworth Main Street, opened in October 2016.  He says of his paintings:

The main aim of my painting is to explore a concept of bold colour and texture.   This is, most often, predominantly in oil but may incorporate mixed media.  For example, soft pastel to enhance colour and sand or grit to add texture.   A broad range of tools are used – palette knives, scrapers, sponges, sticks, fingers and sometimes a brush!


BOWDEN, George Top-Withins

His subject range is broad, including land and town scenes, flowers, figures and trains. Although the townscape and countryside surrounding Haworth feature significantly in his work, George has also painted scenes from his travels to Madeira, Greece, Italy and France. He is largely self-taught as an artist and became a professional artist relatively late in his life.

George’s work has been exhibited at Haworth, including at the Bronte School Rooms; also at Cliffe Castle Museum and Gallery, and at the Airedale Centre, Keighley, as part of an East Street Arts exhibition. It also featured as part of a two-monthly exhibition of landscape art by local artists presented on the Bradford public Big Screen in Centenary Square during September and October 2017.

BOWDEN, George Haworth-Changegate


Artist’s website


BOWDEN, George. Haworth-Brow


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