BELSON, Patricia (Pat)

BELSON, Patricia. Photo of artist

Patricia (Pat) Belson, was born in Peterborough, but has studied, worked and lived in the Bradford area for over 25 years.

After completing a foundation art course at Bradford College in 1993, Pat continued her art studies onto first and postgraduate degree studies at the College, gaining an honours degree in Art and Design in 1996, and a Masters in Printmaking in 1998.

Her work spans and often combines a range of art media, and she has written of her particular interest in photography:

I enjoy the challenge of photographing the unusual and the abstract … I love digital cameras and some of the effects possible within the camera itself, and the instant access that they allow … I  like exploring the long exposures possible with the pinhole camera and capturing movement … I am very interested in objects that create an abstract pattern of shape and colour.

BELSON, Pat all_the_fun_of_fair_posterrised_800_582_s

Collated image: pen & ink drawing, collaged with tissue paper, and photographic image. Image: Pat Belson/ShutterHub

Pat’s work has been exhibited at galleries across Britain, particularly Northern England, with solo shows at the South Square Gallery, Thornton; Priestley Theatre Gallery, Bradford; and Easthorpe Visual Arts Gallery (EVA), Mirfield.  In September 2017 the South Square Gallery staged a solo exhibition of her work, ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’,  featuring oil paintings and felted pieces illustrating Pat’s love of watching the movement of the sea (see image from the show, below).

BELSON, Pat. Seaside.

From ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ solo exhibition, South Square Gallery, Thornton, September 2017.

Group shows have included work exhibited at Cartwright Hall, Doncaster Art Gallery, York City Art Gallery, Leeds City Art Gallery, the Exposure Gallery, Swansea, and at Dean Clough, Halifax.  Her photographic work has also been shared online at Shutterhub and also via Saatchi Art.

BELSON, Pat. time_and_technolgy_stands_still_for_no_man_800_477_s

‘Time and technology stands still for no man’. Image: Pat Belson/ShutterHub (see link above).

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