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The sculptor, Roy Bell, was born in Bradford in 1930. After completing an art course in Skipton, he studied art at Chelsea Art School, London, and subsequently made a successful career as art education adviser for Cambridgeshire. However, his Yorkshire heritage was still important to him and during his career he produced a series of paintings of towns and cities in West and North Yorkshire.  A selection of these are shown below, together with notes written by Roy Bell on his blog.

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Roy Bell at work


I regard myself principally as a sculptor, although I enjoy painting.  My Northern paintings, 1946-1960, are echoes of my youth in Bradford, Airedale and Huddersfield, where I taught.  This image of the West Riding no longer exists. They are the dreams of an exiled Yorkshireman. Mr. [Henry] Moore said, ‘To teach dissipates the tension for producing your own work’. But these visual images remain alive for me and the sounds of the 6.30am mill hooter, clogs and the knocker-up colour my dreams.


Yorkshire 11

Yorkshire 9

Yorkshire 8

Yorkshire 7

BELL, Roy. SlaithwaiteYorkshire 6

Yorkshire 5

Yorkshire 3

Yorkshire 1

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