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Daniel Abrahams was born in 1977 and lives in Wibsey, Bradford. He paints predominantly in oils on canvas and his subjects are often influenced by the Northern English landscape and nostalgic memories of the past, particularly childhood. He has said:

Growing up in the eighties I’m from a generation of kids that played out in the streets. It was a time of innocence, a carefree time, filled with fun and adventure.

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Art has always been important to Daniel, as is music. He is largely a self-taught artist and painting became his full-time profession in his thirties after an early career as a musician, writing songs and playing guitar for The Hoover Dams, a rock group. The group achieved modest success and Danny played gigs across the UK, appeared on television and performed live on radio.  However, Daniel has said of his new career direction in art:

On reaching my thirties I have been fortunate enough to finally find a passion that not only fulfils my creative nature, but also allows me to bring pleasure to others.

His art now draws on his earlier travels, experiences and memories; large northern skies often feature his paintings.

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Daniels work is sold at a range of galleries across the UK and he has had solo exhibitions in Huddersfield and Skipton; it has also been featured in the Northern Life magazine. It has also been featured on the Bradford Big Screen in City Park.

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Website: http://www.dannyabrahamsart.com/

Facebook: Danny Abrahams

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