The Bradford district of West Yorkshire has been, and continues to be, the home and inspiration for professional visual artists. This website celebrates the diversity of artistic talent in the area, past and present.
The city, towns, countryside and people of the district continue to provide inspiration to local artists

The life and work of Bradford artists, past and present.

This website is an illustrated guide to professional artists past and present who were born, work, or have made their home, in what is now known as the Bradford Metropolitan District – including David Hockney.

The aim of this guide is to collate information about local artists for the benefit of art lovers and supporters in the district and elsewhere.

The people included on this site are or have been professional artists, making visual art forms the main focus of their work; more information about inclusion criteria is found here.

The biographical summaries and images have been drawn from a range of online and printed sources in the public domain (see ‘Sources’).

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 Shy Burhan is a professional photographer, based in Shipley, and her social-documentary work has featured in solo exhibitions in Saltaire during 2015/2016. She was born...

RIBY, Edwin

RIBY, Edwin
Edwin Riby (1866 – 1927) was born in Scarborough, but moved to Keighley in 1888 and became a respected local artist, carver, gilder and picture frame...

THOMPSON, John Hunter

THOMPSON,  John Hunter
1808 – 1890 John Hunter Thompson was a friend of Branwell Bronte and both were taught art by William Robinson of Leeds.  Thompson and Branwell...